I L  N E G O Z I O   D I   S O U V E N I R 

ArtEZ BEAR Arnhem Graduation Show: Something Where There Should Be Nothing (2020).  

Florence in Tuscany (Italy) is a perfect example of a city that has a strong identity connected to art (from the Renaissance). The city offers visitors countless reproductions of these famous historical artworks. Of all these cultural treasures, there was one ‘Mona Lisa’ for me. It was the David of Michelangelo.  

I became intrigued by the hyper-commercialisation and subsequent mass-production,which essentially converted a classical art piece into a novelty souvenir.

So I bought a replica of the David and took it with me to the Netherlands. This reproduction then created many interesting questions, regarding the relationships between mass tourism, mass consumerism, art history, culture and originality.