ArtEZ BEAR Arnhem Graduation Show: Something Where There Should Be Nothing (2020).  

foto credit: Lost Painters
In my graduation installation “the self” becomes part of the iconic artwork. The work speaks of a paradoxical relationship between the viewer and the image in space. When one enters the space, a dilemma arises. The re ection of “the self” is opposed to the fragility of the work. You are drawn to work, but also rejected. There is also a paradox in visiting the “original” David. The visitors know the image from mass reproduction. The consuming self wants to strengthen its identity in relation to the image, by means of sel es for example. The iconic image attracts masses of visitors. The more money there is around the David, the more it is at the expense of the authenticity of the statue. The original will die more and more to the parts of the David will turn into mass-produced arte facts.
Het HEM - ALL_INN (2021)