Every village, city, or place needs an identity in order to establish itself. In regards to my practice I study the various systems which circulate around cultural heritage and subsequent creation of an areas' identity. These various aspects such as history, commerciality, culture and politics of a place appear to interconnect with each other. The souvenir; a thing kept as a reminder of a person, event, or place is also a symbolic object that conveys the essence of it's origin. Thus, souvenirs can highlight systems that influence the flow of information, which is continuing to light systems that influence to gain momentum. Importantly, the more a places' identity is emphasized; the more people come to visit it. 

In my practice, I experiment with appropriating existing artworks in a new technological setting. I spent half a year in Italy where I found a replica of Michelangelo's famous David; a monument statue in Florence. I became enamored with the small novelty replica and took it back with me to the Netherlands where I began researching and physically reproducing this David, utilizing the 3D printer and plaster.