My artistic practice involves the deconstruction of monumental artworks by means of reproduction in sculpture and drawing. The discontinuous nature of my reproduction process results in a statue with a morphing form that seeks to undermine the permanence of the monumental object.

An example of an art project is titled: Hydraulic Organ (2023). In this project, I created a fountain installation that was reproduced from my own breasts. The fountains in the Neptune Monument in Bologna designed by Giambologna in 1566, are the starting point of this current research (in Brussels there is a replica of this fountain at the Laeken Park). The sculptures depicts four nymphs at the base of the Neptune, each of whom is adorned with a spray of water from their breasts. The power of the Papal State was embodied by the Neptune, but the mermaids refer to the wisdom and fertility of it. In the Hydraulic Organ project, I aimed to create a space in which the female breast was separated from its fertile symbolic representation. The sculptures were seen as living organs in a dark environment that fought against the eternal beauty of the Neptune Fountain.