Piet Zwart Institute 04-12-2023

Their feet spoke to them in a soft voice: will you remember us Rose? Won’t you forget the way we have followed you since we were born. The way we developed ourselves, grew past you. And flew into another universe. Let us travel, lovely blossom, but don’t forget us, promise that.. We will see each other and walk together. Don’t forget.  

A Theme in Lore Pilzecker’s work is post-mortal transformation. In her sculptures and drawings, the artist creates alternative realities in which the distinction between life and death becomes hazy. A source of inspiration is the book “The Uncanny”, written by Sigmund Freud. In the introduction of the book, Hugh Haughton describes the term Uncanny as a familiarity that becomes alien due to repression of the neurotic. In her own unconscious mind, Lore’s haunted memories transform into bizarre drawings. In these artworks, the artist plays with North European symbolism referring to mortality. An example is the reference to the Rose, a flower you could lay on a grave in respect of a deceased person.

In the installation there was a ritualistic moment in which the participant was aloud to throw a petal in the wax vase.