re-Membering Phantoms - Grey Space in the Middle (The Hague)

Material: marble, wool, ironwire, pencil, paper, earth and seeds

A worm came to the exhibition of re-Membering Phantoms, craving the taste of a Rose.The crawling insect overheard the secret of another worm, talking about Roses that stay alive after being cut by transferring their life energy from their roots into their petals. Haunted by the conclusion that death could be evaded by ingesting the red petals, the worm started its search for immortality.   After exploring for days the Worm finally found a delicious Rose. Drained and hungry, the worm gathered his last bit of energy and crawled towards her delicate crimson leafs. He closed his eyes and began snacking. After the first bite in the flesh of the Rose, a feeling of agony poured over its skin. When he opened his eyes, to see what happened, the blossom vanished.

In a verse by William Blake, titled The Sick Rose (1794) in the publication of Songs of Innocence and of Experience, a Worm seduces a Rose for a fast romance and this will lead to her decay. In the story above, the worm is fooled by his own desire for immortality. At the exhibition re-Membering Phantoms, artist Lore Pilzecker reflects on the idea of commemoration. How does one remember the deceased? When someone dies and loses their physical body, all that is left are stories. Lore tries to reflect on the story-like characteristics of the deceased and creates her own symbolic universe surrounding the death of a loved one.