Group Exhibition: Sachia Pareira-Stolle, Isa van Lier, Nuno Orlando, Werner Verwant, Marieke Peeters and Lore Pilzecker - Maaskoe Gallerie (Rotterdam)

The viscous and semi-solid Urschleim generates an unstable ground in a world that is always in motion, fluctuating, waiting to become something else. In the spirit of group show ALL INN in Het Hem, this collaboration and group exhibition in Galerie Maaskoe brings together 6 young artists who found and stuck to one another there. They will visually and conceptually play with Urschleim as potential for being and becoming, for things to grow, fall apart and decay. Like a slimy trail, the works ooze together in a dynamic show that morphs gradually into 4 varying exhibitions.

What lurks in the holes and cracks of a room, trapped and smoothed out of time? Concealed under contemporary beauty, the room functions as a monumental organism with its own agency that makes time disappear. In a space where life and decay are not fixed concepts, ambiguity arises.

Collaboration with Marieke Peeters; https://marieke-peeters.com