I   G A T T I   A L L E   C H I E S E

( The Cats in the Churches)
When I was in Bologna I met il gatto (the Cat) from le Sette Chiese at Santo Stefano. The animal didn't live at the church, but it came there everyday receiving enormous amounts of  attention from the visitors. The animal became a holy creature, because of his visits to the religious place. This is ironic, because historically the Catholic Church executed many cats. Also, the house cat is associated to the doctrines of SATANISM. A creature of the satan, came into Santo Stefano to steal the show. 
Il gatto in Santo Stefano was not the only cat in the Catholic Church. In my own home town in Nijmegen, I found another Cat. In the Sint Stevenskerk (Dutch Santo Stefano), there was a Kat in the ceiling. The poor thing was put there because of the renovation architect Schellevis. 
Inspired by these two cats I created an installation that will be viewable 15 untill 22 of may 2021  in the Sint Stevenschurch in Nijmegen.

Il Gatto in the Seven Churches (Bologna)

De kat in The Sint-Stevenskerk in Nijmegen.